Discord has a new feature for its community-based social network that enables people to share details about their music through the Spotify streaming service. This enables people to add more elements of their personality into their presence on Discord, which is already a home for thousands of fandoms.

As part of this collaboration, Discord will now start showing what you’re listening to on Spotify. So just how your Discord friends can now see that you’re playing Rainbow Six: Siege or livestreaming on Twitch, they will also see that you are jamming out to the latest Kendrick Lamar.

For $10-per-month Spotify Premium subscribers, however, the Discord integration enables them to start live listening sessions. This means you can all bob your head simultaneously to 30 Seconds to Mars … or whatever youth culture is into these days.

While Discord remains committed to providing an excellent gaming experience first, it knows that you have more interests than just what’s in your Steam library.

“Spending time with friends around gaming has been the foundation on which Discord is built,” Discord chief executive Jason Citron said. “Finding more ways for people to create those shared experiences is what makes this Spotify feature exciting for us.”

Here are Discord’s maniacs to explain in a video:

In addition to its Spotify partnership, Discord is also recognizing that its service has turned into a home for music fans as well as artists themselves. In response, the company is opening up its Verified Server program to musicians.

“Millions of people have already come together on Discord over their love of gaming and of music and we are seeing more musical-based creator communities popping up,” said Citron. “So we are also excited to open up the Verified Server program to include these music and music creation communities. Now those musical artists can create and share their passion directly with fans in verified servers right alongside their favorite gaming ones.”

Previously, verified servers were only an option for game developers. Now, excuse me, I need to submit an application for a verified server for the Discord channel dedicated to my kazoo music.

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