The first Steam hardware survey of 2018 is in, and it shows Oculus Rift and HTC Vive use at practically a tie.

This month sees HTC Vive as 46.96% (a 0.3% decrease from last month’s 47.26%) of the overall usage, while Rift is at 46.09% (a 0.05% decrease from 46.14% in December). Steam designates HTC Vive at this month’s most-used headset after the Rift took the top spot for the first time in December. That said, this chart shows that Rift and Vive usage on Steam is almost neck-and-neck right now.

Explaining the slight drops on both the Rift and Vive’s side, Microsoft’s Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ headsets grew from 4.35% to 5.17%. As always, this is an optional survey and headsets have to be plugged into Steam when it takes place to count, so it’s not a definitive way of telling whether the Rift or Vive has sold more.

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Now that we’re a month into 2018 we have a bit of a better idea of what the VR landscape looks like for the year. Most notably, HTC is set to release its upgraded Vive, the Vive Pro, as a single headset within the next two months and then as a full package with new trackers later in the year. Will the upgraded specs help Vive get ahead in the survey?

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