Mexican indie studio Lienzo is launching its debut title Mulaka on PC and PlayStation 4 on February 27. The adventure game will roll out to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One a few days later on March 1 and March 2 respectively. The studio has also announced that part of the game’s revenue will be donated to NGOs who are doing work in the northwestern region of Mexico.

Mulaka is based on the folklore of Tarahumara, indigenous people in northwestern Mexico. The protagonist is a shaman, or sukurúame, who must stop the gods from destroying the world. All of Mulaka’s creatures and abilities are based off real mythology, which Lienzo has delved into in a three-part video series.

The studio was inspired not only by the rich world and unique creatures in the indigenous stories. It also wanted to create a game that would act as a cultural ambassador to folks who are unfamiliar with the Tarahumara people — as well as help a younger generation connect with their roots.

Mulaka is part of Nintendo’s slate of indie games that it highlighted during its Nindies showcase last year.