All Walls Must Fall takes to the dance floor to stop nuclear devastation. It’s a tactics game starring time-traveling agents in a future where the Cold War never ended. The title is Berlin-based indie studio Inbetweengames’s second effort, and it’s exiting Steam Early Access February 23 on PC for $10.

Inbetweengames describes All Walls Must Fall as “tech noir,” and its hardboiled sci-fi aesthetics reflect this. Much of the game takes place in gay clubs saturated in techno beats and pulsing lights, and you must find the right strategy to navigate the throngs of revelers and deadly guards.

You can rewind and slow down time to execute your maneuvers, all for the sake of stopping a deadly nuclear attack that happens sometime in the future. The maps are procedurally generated and permadeath is a real risk as well, so you must plan carefully.

All Walls Must Fall spent two and a half years in development, and the studio ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last March. For the last six months, it’s been in Early Access. It’s not Inbetweengames’s first rodeo; the team is comprised of former Yager developers who left that studio when it split with publisher Deep Silver on Dead Island 2. Inbetweengames also previously developed and released the game jam title The Mammoth: A Cave Painting as its first game as a team.