Monster Prom channels cheeky high school fun in a multiplayer choose-your-own adventure about finding a date to the yearly dance. Barcelona-based indie studio Beautiful Glitch has teamed up with publisher Those Awesome Guys to release its debut title April 27 for PC.

Up to four players can get down with Monster Prom at the same time through local multiplayer, and you can opt to play cooperatively or competitively. You have a set number of days to woo the classmate of your choice, and your decisions will level up your stats (like charm), change your relationships with characters around you, and get you closer or farther from your goal. Beautiful Glitch has noted that more than 300 unique events can occur in the game, and each has four potential outcomes.

Monster Prom raised funds on Kickstarter in 2016 and hit all its stretch goals. After it launches on April 27, the studio begins work on DLC to add two new love interests to the six that will ship with the release. The successful campaign has also enabled it to add more non-playable characters, create secret endings, and include plot lines designed by its backers.

A big draw for backers is the game’s lighthearted sense of humor. Some of the characters have pun-tastic names, like Polly Geist, and Beautiful Glitch has included lots of personality in the fashion and items players can pick and find. The game also enables anyone to court anyone else, and pokes fun at modern conundrums like risqué photos on dating sites.