In the last couple of months, Microsoft has accidentally charged some people twice for the same subscription. For example, you may have had an active EA Access membership, and Microsoft could have overlapped that with a second charge. The publisher wants to give Xbox owners their money back, and it has recently set up its refund site to automate the process.

“We identified a number of Microsoft accounts that are due a refund for overlapping subscriptions,” reads Microsoft’s refund page. “This occurred if you purchased a new subscription that overlapped with one you already had.”

This problem isn’t widespread, but it is a bug that affected enough people that Microsoft felt it had to act to help. If you aren’t sure if you need a refund, Microsoft should email you or you can check the Subscription Refund tool.

All you have to do is sign in with your Xbox account, and the system should see if you paid twice for the same subscription. Then all you need to do is agree to have the money returned to your form of payment or sent as credit to your Microsoft account.

I went through this process after getting an email from Microsoft about my EA Access subscription, and it turns out that I overpaid by $27. But the publisher has refunded me that money, and then it even sent a $10 Xbox store credit to my account as a make-good. So if you have an active subscription through Xbox One, you should check for yourself. Get that money!

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