Discord is expanding its Verified Servers program to include esports teams and leagues. The company has already welcomed game developers and musicians to start official channels on the powerful chat app. Now, fans of Team Liquid and Cloud 9 can find the online homes for those squads on Discord to connect with their favorite players and fellow fans.

The esports expansion hits Discord today with 20 new verified servers for its 90 million members. This should simplify community management for these teams that thrive on a deeply engaged audience.

“When it came to making a decision on what social communication tools to use for community, Discord was the obvious choice,” Team Liquid co-chief executive officer Steve Arhancet said in a statement. “It’s where all the gamers are. And, it is the only social messaging app that allows for a real-time back-and-forth between the teams and the fans. Our Discord server is the official hub for Liquid fans, players, and staff; and host to our pro team events.”

Like verification on other social platform, verified esports teams on Discord get a check mark to let fans know they’re legitimate. This should give fans the confidence to join and start sharing stories about their favorite pro League of Legend play.

Esports organization DreamHack, which holds regular events around the world, is also getting a verified server.

“At DreamHack we had always used IRC to communicate with our communities until Discord came around,” DreamHack chief technology officer Markus Viitamäki said. “Today we’ve more or less moved away from IRC to only use Discord. With our server verified our community knows where to find us and can be confident it’s actual DreamHack personnel answering their questions.”

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