Yasuhiro Wada has previously espoused his love for “nature, animals, and caring for other people,” which his classic game Harvest Moon clearly expressed. Little Dragons Café seems to tap into the same warm and fuzzy feelings, putting players in charge of running a family restaurant and raising dragons. Wada has teamed up with publisher Aksys Games, and the title will launch sometime this summer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Little Dragons Café is the story of two children whose mother has fallen into a deep slumber. A mysterious man tells them she’ll only wake up once they’ve successfully raised a dragon. In the meantime, they’ve got to keep the family café running — which means planting crops, fishing, learning recipes, serving food to small-town neighbors.

Aksys founder and CEO Akibo Shieh and Wada are long-time friends, and the two had planned on working on a project together for a while. They’ve been developing Little Dragons Café for two years now. The title is Wada’s first since 2016’s Birthdays the Beginning, a sandbox game about creating and nurturing life.