NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 27, 2018–

What is reality? As VR technology continues to advance, digital simulation games push the boundary between real and unreal, as the virtual world becomes indistinguishable from objective reality. Nonetheless, the simulations in which these virtual worlds are created are extremely limited. Although the content can be vivid and detailed, there are finite boundaries within the game that prevent players from extending their reach and exploring the many possible layers of the digital realm. Ultimately, the content becomes stale and players tire of the simulation.

Using blockchain technology, a Singapore-registered startup proposes a solution: One Game, a decentralized self-evolving VR platform built on top of blockchain. According to One Game’s CEO, Pu Shi – a former Googler and early cryptocurrency adopter – he foresees One Game as a platform that will break the final constraints between the real and virtual world. “The platform provides easy to use yet powerful tools that allow anyone to create their own digital simulation. The tools offer flexibility for novice players as well as advanced game developers to create complex digital simulations. Gamers are granted voting power and governance over the One Game realm, and are rewarded tokens for top performance and creativity. The tokenized economy incentivizes players and participants to act in mutual self-interest.”

The One Game platform is also self-evolving, and applies theories of genetic combination and selection to allow AI and other varied elements within the platform to crossbreed and evolve over time. Pu said this is the most exciting and groundbreaking aspect of the project, as it holds the potential to be the first platform to incubate AI that can pass the Turing Test. Although the platform is still at an early stage, he believes successive generations of genetic selection along with worldwide game play contributions will open this Pandora’s Box.

The One Game team consists of former Google engineers, veteran game developers, and Wall Street bankers. The platform will be unfolded over a four-step yearlong development plan through gradual stages: Wild Field, Muddy Farm, Light City, and Dream Land.

Supported by Loopring Foundation and angel investors from China and the U.S., One Game Foundation is planning a token sale to fund the platform development.

One Game
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