Scavengers Studio announced today that its battle royale shooter Darwin Project is coming out for Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on March 9 for $15.

Battle royale games have become huge following PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds explosive debut last year, and other games (notably Fortnite: Battle Royale) have followed the trend, even on mobile. PUBG and Fortnite earnedĀ more than $200 million on PC and consoles in digital revenue in January, according to industry tracking firmĀ SuperData Research.

Darwin Project hopes to stand out by focusing on tracking, giving you a more active way to hunt down other players. We also nominated the game during our E3 2017 Unreal Engine Awards in the Best Hook, Most Addictive, and Biggest Buzz categories.

The shooter has been available via alphas and betas on PC, but this will be the first time the shooter is playable on Xbox One. Like with Fortnite, Darwin has in-game crafting, although it focuses more on building traps than towers and other building.

Darwin Project also focuses on built-in Twitch and Mixer integration, making it easy for spectators to interact with players. For example, viewers can vote to see which players or zones get special powers.