IDC: Wearables grew 7.7% in Q4 2017, Apple passes Xiaomi and Fitbit for first place

Image Credit: Apple

As demand for wearable electronics continues to grow, Apple has taken a decisive lead away from rivals Fitbit and Xiaomi, IDC reports today. Apple dominated the wearables market during 2017’s holiday quarter with a 21 percent market share and led the category for the year with a narrower but still solid 15.3 percent share.

Apple’s wearable leadership in 2017 is a major step up from 2016, when the company had less than half of then-leader Fitbit’s 22.5 million shipments, and 5 million fewer than Xiaomi. At the time, Xiaomi’s wearable shipments were growing much faster than Apple’s, but that turned around in 2017.

Thanks to strong sales of the Apple Watch Series 3 and a comparatively weak holiday quarter for Fitbit, Apple shipped 8 million units worldwide to Fitbit’s 5.4 million, with Xiaomi at 4.9 million. For the year, Apple shipped 17.7 million units to number two Xiaomi’s 15.7 and Fitbit’s 15.4 million. IDC said that the 1 percent or less difference between Xiaomi’s and Fitbit’s numbers made them a statistical tie for second place.