The next Call of Duty will be returning to the Black Ops subseries, according to reports and sources from Eurogamer and Kotaku.

A new Call of Duty comes out every year, and the shooter is always the best-selling title of said year. After a bit of a decline from too many years of sci-fi focused games culminating in 2016’s Infinite Warfare, 2017 brought the series back to its original World War II setting and saw a surge in sales.

Returning to Black Ops could be another boost for the franchise. The original Black Ops came out in 2010 and is the second best-selling entry in the series, behind only Modern Warfare 3. Black Ops II and Black Ops III were also big hits.

These rumors gained traction thanks to a hat, of all things. NBA star James Harden was seen wearing a cap that featured a logo reminiscent of past Black Ops titles. Although instead of the roman numeral IV, the hat shows IIII. So, I guess this is Call of Duty Black Ops IV.

Kotaku said that a source confirmed this is the game’s logo.