Ubisoft revealed the plans today for post-launch content for its upcoming first-person shooter, Far Cry 5, which comes out on March 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The three DLC campaigns will be available for anyone who buys a season pass of the Gold Edition of the game. This gives Ubisoft a way to monetize Far Cry 5 past normal sales.

Hours of Darkness will take players to Vietnam, Dead Living Zombies has you and your friends fight against waves of zombies (try not to dazzle at the originality of this one), and Lost on Mars has you going to the Red Planet to fight Martians.

Console players who buy the season pass will also have access to Far Cry 3: Classic Edition’s single-player content four weeks ahead of its release this summer. PC players will receive full access to Far Cry 3 at a “later date.”