Nintendo unveiled a bunch of new 3DS games today during its Nintendo Direct video stream. The Japanese company started out by announcing that WarioWare Gold is coming to 3DS Classic. It will have new minigames, use the touchscreen, microphone, and more. It launches on August 3.

Above: Bowser’s back soon.

Image Credit: Nintendo

Nintendo also showed off Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers for the 3DS. In it, Dillon teams up with your own animal version of your Mii avatar. A demo will be ready on May 10, and the game will be out on the eShop in May 24.

The next title is Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. It’s coming in 2019.

Above: Detective Pikachu

Image Credit: Nintendo

Meanwhile, Detective Pikachu will becoming on March 23. It is available for prepurchase in the eShop. In the game, you’ll partner with the cute Pokemon to investigate, take notes, and meet with other Pokemon creatures to unravel mysteries in Ryme City. The game has more than 150 animated cut scenes.

A remake of Luigi’s Mansion will also arrive on the 3DS later this year. With this game, you’ll see the mansion map on the bottom screen, so it will be harder to get lost. And there will be a new boss rush mode as well.