Kerbal Space Program is getting its first expansion since debuting as an unfinished early access game outside of Steam in 2011. The Making History pack blasts off March 13 on Valve’s platform, and it introduces a huge playlist of new missions that take their inspiration from the history space flight. It also gives players a system for creating their own missions that they can share with the community and their friends. I’ve spent a bit of time with it, and I’m impressed at the level of control you have when building a flight plan.

The mission creator in Kerbal Space Program is essentially a visual flow-chart-style planning tool. You add various modules and connect them to one another depending on if you want players to build their own rocket, fly it into orbit, and then dock it with a space station. You can design the space station and have it already out in orbit waiting for the players, or you can force them to build and launch their own.

Within each of those modules, you can change every setting imaginable. Set a weight limit, demand players reach a certain altitude, or designate a strict landing zone. It’s the kind of tool that is so deep and packed with features that I can already tell people will use it to do incredible things that even the developer never would have considered.

You can see me running through the tool in the video above. I ran through a tutorial that revealed the basics, but you can see just how complex things can get as well. I’m looking forward to the Making History release because I can’t wait to see what the community creates and what rises to the top.