PUBG Corp. announced today that it has acquired MadGlory, a company that works on network features like matchmaking, tournaments, and game chat. The firm is now PUBG MadGlory.

PUBG MadGlory’s acquisition also marks the start of the new PUBG Developer Portal. This will give community developers a chance to create add-ons and sites that take advantage of game data collected through PUBG. That data and the tools people create with it can help players improve their skills in the game.

PUBG already has matchmaking and chat features. While PUBG MadGlory can improve those services, this developer portal is the most significant result of this acquisition.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a huge hit on PC and Xbox One. It has helped popularize the battle royale genre, which has players or small groups of folks dropped into a large map where they scavenge for resources and try to be the last person standing. Other games, notably Fortnite, have followed PUBG’s formula and found success.

Closed beta keys for the developer portal will go out on March 19, and it will officially launch on April 2.