Warframe is one of the most successful games-as-a-service, and developer Digital Extremes has now surpassed 38 million registered players as Warframe approaches five years since it launched into open beta on PC.

“When we started Warframe it was a 750MB install with one level,” Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair said. “We had no expectations it would endure even half as long. But you, our Tenno [the ancient race that players control in Warframe], showed up and guided us and gave us hell! With your support we’ve continued to grow and experiment and with your blessing we’ll continue to do just that.”

Since debuting on PC in March 2013, Warframe has expanded to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The shooter once only had 7 different Warframe classes that players could choose from, but that number has grown to 34.

Digital Extremes has also revealed how much players have done in the last five years. They’ve killed the first boss 53 million times, they’ve crafted 234 million weapons, and they’ve played for a total of 136,747 years.

The studio is promising to continue working on the game as it continues to grow. It is regularly among the top 10 most played games on Steam, and Digital Extremes has found a number of business models to earn a living off of that success. The company is also holding its third annual TennoCon for Warframe fans. On July 7, in London, Ontario in Canada, players can gather with the developer for events, talks, and reveals all related to Warframe.

With that kind of support and reliable growth, Warframe is probably not going anywhere — and we will probably have to talk about its success in another five years.