Ubisoft’s online melee fighter For Honor has had continual support and updates since its debut last year, and now the publisher wants to lower the barrier-to-entry for people with a $15 Starter Edition. This is a stripped-down version of For Honor that will enable players to compete alongside their friends, but they won’t have full access to all of the content at the start.

The Starter Edition is something that Ubisoft has done with its Tom Clancy tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege, and the company is attempting to re-create that successful model here. In Siege, the Starter Edition enables you to play as a non-named Recruit until you have enough in-game currency (which you earn at a slower rate) to purchase some of the other heroes. For Honor: Starter Edition will feature a similar system where you start with three of its heroes, with the option to unlock more over time using the in-game currency.

For Ubisoft, this is a way to get people into the ecosystem of the For Honor platform. In February, the company revealed that For Honor already has 7.5 million registered players, and 1 million of those are active on a monthly basis.

Like with the publisher’s other games, this weapon battler has tons of extra content that players can purchase through microtransactions. The Starter Edition will also work with the season passes, so players can get all new characters alongside their friends even if they don’t have all of the older additions.

For Honor is already on Season Five of its post-release content. This update features a lot of improvements that benefit everyone, like dedicated servers. And that’s key to Ubisoft’s live-services strategy. It wants to make games that are better and last longer by making consistent daily revenue through in-game purchases. And a Starter Edition is a good way to get even more people into that.