This is the HTC U12+

After selling part of its smartphone-making business to Google and undertaking yet another round of layoffs, HTC has finally been forced to make good on its promise to pare down its portfolio. Indeed, it’s on track to release only a handful of models this year. The crown jewel of that group is a flagship handset codenamed Imagine and destined to hit the market under the branding HTC U12+, according to a person familiar with the company’s plans.

A nearly bezel-less follow-up to last year’s U11 and U11+ — the latter of which skipped over the U.S. market completely — U12+ is described in terms that make it seem truly competitive with the Galaxies, Mates, and other phones boasting “modern” designs. In fact, the device’s suffix is intended to put it in competition with the Galaxy S9+, even without a proper U12 (which may never exist) to complement it.

The front of U12+ is dominated by a 6-inch LCD panel with WQHD+ resolution, as well as a pair of 8-megapixel selfie cameras on the slim top bezel (similar to the recently introduced HTC U11 EYEs), according to someone with knowledge of the Android Oreo-powered device. Many of these specs were first reported by Llabtoofer, a trusted developer of custom ROMs for the HTC enthusiast community.