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Almost everyone on the GamesBeat team is at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, and we’re going to have some audio dispatches from that event later this week. For now, since I’m all alone, I decided to have on some of my fellow citizens from the Minecraft-like survival/ecological simulator Eco with on this week’s GamesBeat Decides podcast.

Eco has players gathering on a server to re-create a world where all of your actions have consequences on the global ecosystem. This makes resources precious and something each individual may want to hoard. But the game also forces you to work together by threatening you with a meteor that is going to strike the planet 30 days after you start.

It’s a sharp concept, and after about two weeks of play, we’ve learned a lot about how people work together and how economics shape both the game society and the real world.

Listen to me discuss Eco with some of the citizens of my server below or download the episode by clicking this link:

Talk to you next time, kiddos.