I’m playing through Far Cry 5 right now, and I’ll have a review up soon. I went into the game with some doubts, but that skepticism had nothing to do with Ubisoft’s capability to create a cinematic and compelling open-world. And it turns out I was right not to worry about that aspect of the game.

I’ve captured the first 50 minutes of Far Cry 5 (running on PlayStation 4 Pro), and you can see what I mean after a couple of minutes of that footage. The performance capture, the score, and scene framing may not match the level of the greatest dramas on HBO or AMC, but it feels on par with something you’d find on FX.

After making several of these Far Cry games now, Ubisoft also knows how to do pacing. While the intro is about 50 minutes long, it never dragged. In these kinds of games, I often mutter to myself wondering when the game will let me actually play it. This introductory section of Far Cry 5 changes up what you’re doing often enough that you shouldn’t ever grow too anxious.

When the game finally did open up and let me start taking on some missions, it felt like the exact right time.

I’ll have more to say on Far Cry 5. I’m curious to see how its mission structure and progression works over a couple dozen of hours. I also need to see if Ubisoft tries to come through with some wishy-washy politics that fail to take a stand or reflect reality. But for now, I’m just glad it has such a strong opening.