All dogs go to heaven, except for Boomer. Far Cry 5‘s faithful canine companion is just like the real thing — he plays fetch (with guns) and protects his humans (from cultists) — but with one important difference: he never have to die. If your furry friend every gets injured in battle in Far Cry 5, you can pat his tum to get him right back on his feet. So in a way, Boomer is like a new and improved sequel to dogs … dog 2.

Boomer is one of a handful of characters that you can recruit in Far Cry 5. Like with other games in the series, players are attempting to rip control of a region away from a militant band of fanatics. What’s different this time is that the game takes place in America, and the enemy is a religious cult that has embedded itself into the mountainous parts of Montana.

In its effort to re-create the United States, Ubisoft included baseball fields, plenty of pickup trucks, and dogs, of course. But you should probably save your affection for Boomer because I’ve seen a few dead dogs elsewhere in the game that I couldn’t resuscitate with belly rubs. And those obsolete dog 1.0s are only going to hurt you.