Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege may finally get a major fix that fans have asked for since the tactical team shooter  debuted at the end of 2015. Ubisoft is testing an update that fixes a misalignment issue between your gun and your reticle. But as part of that test, the company “snuck” out a tweak that could eliminate “dropshotting.”

Up until now, Siege players could fire their weapon and enter a prone state at the same time. This means that if you got into a face-to-face situation with an opponent, you could drop to the floor and fire at them simultaneously to evade potential head or torso shots. This would give you an advantage in most encounters.

This is changing in a new update. Here is what happens when you try to dropshot now on the Rainbow Six: Siege test server:

In the video, you can see that dropping into a prone position while firing now automatically kicks your character out of aim-down-sight (ADS) mode. This will hurt your accuracy during that animation.

Ubisoft did not announce this change, but Rainbow Six: Siege community developer Craig Robinson confirmed it in a post on Reddit

“This change snuck its way into the test server,” he wrote. “It is a work in progress, and is not in a final state. That being said, we are interested in hearing your feedback on it.”

So far, the feedback is almost all positive. Half of the top 10 posts on the Siege subforum on Reddit right now are players sharing their excitement about this tweak.

Only a few people noted that they think it’s unrealistic because they believe an operator could go prone while continuing to aim down sight. Robinson doesn’t agree.

“Speaking from personal experience, while dropping to a prone position, you are not able to maintain proper cheek weld or eye relief to ensure accuracy,” the Siege community boss wrote.

The test build also does indeed address the aim misalignment while also nerfing Lion, one of the two new attack operators. Ubisoft is tuning down his abilities and reducing the penalty for getting caught by his tracking drone.

The final versions of these changes should roll out to the live servers at some point in the future with the possible exception of the dropshot fix — although that seems unlikely given the player response.