Disney has teamed up with the PerBlue studio on Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a mobile brawler that features characters from both the Magic Castle and Pixar. The game comes to iOS and Android later this year, but players can sign up for it now.

Disney announced in January that it has rebooted its mobile strategy after it shut down games like Marvel Heroes late last year. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the first game to emerge, and it features a roster of more than 30 characters from movies like The IncrediblesToy StoryWreck-It Ralph, Monsters, Inc., and Zootopia.

Players will assemble a team of five and embark on a quest to “save the internet,” which faces a dangerous threat: a malevolent virus. The trailer is brief, but it looks the gameplay is much like a side-scrolling brawler. Each hero has special abilities, and players will be able to level them up and equip them with gear.

PerBlue developed free-to-play games like Portal Quest, which is ranked No. 52 and No. 120 in the role-playing game category on Google Play and the Apple App Store, respectively, according to market researcher App Annie.