The best part of Far Cry 5 is its prepper stashes. These are a series of challenges that require you to solve puzzles or platform your way through an obstacle course to unlock a ton of loot and perk points. My favorite one of these in Hope County is a haunted house that is freaky and upsetting. [Spoilers below — Ed.]

Getting into the haunted house is the tough part of this quest unless you consider the emotional costs of what you are about to see. Inside the stash, you go through an automated attraction that is reminiscent of the kinds of haunted houses you would find at an amusement park … with one key difference: The designer used corpses of real people as their animatronic actors (OK — I guess that’s like one amusement park’s spooky ride).

Around each corner, you will find another horrifying villain or monster, but they all look like the people you’ve seen in the game already. What’s especially disconcerting is that the haunted-house creator, who is obviously a serial killer, used both cult members and standard civilians from Hope.

If you have any doubts that this is a serial-killer situation, when you finally get to the stash, you find this note with the title “Clown Thoughts.”

Above: #clownthoughts

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Surrounding this note is a serial-killer workstation. A bathtub with streaks of blood sits in the corner with a cooler full of flesh next to it. Meat hooks hang from the wall. In the opposite corner is a metal bed frame with ankle and wrist restraints. Loose hay is everywhere, which is probably what this psycho used to stuff all those corpses in the haunted house.

See it for yourself:

After witnessing all of this evidence, I established a theory. The game justifies you taking all of the prepper stashes by claiming that the people left town or ended up murdered by the cult. But what if the serial killer murdered all of those people and set up their stashes to make it look like something else?

It makes you think — and it makes me want some True Detective-style DLC where I get to hunt down the serial killer.