Psyonix has pushed out its biggest Rocket League update of 2018, and it includes a number of new features and content as well as a beta version of the Tournaments system. The patch is rolling out to all platforms today.

The big addition in this update is Tournaments. This is a multiplayer feature that enables groups of people to create and participate in an organized event from within Rocket League. While the car-soccer game debuted in 2015 and is ideal for organized play, you had to use external tournament platforms that did not have a lot of integration with Rocket League.

In Rocket League Tournaments, anyone can start their own competition and set the parameters. You can choose minimum and maximum competitive ranking, set a password, and choose which arenas everyone will play at. Thanks to Rocket League’s crossplatfrom play, PC players can take on their friends on Xbox One or Switch.

Here’s a closer look at the Tournaments platform:

This update also includes a number of improvements. The Switch version is getting some major visual and performance upgrades. Psyonix’s hit now runs at 720p in handheld mode on Nintendo’s hybrid console. That’s up from 576p. In docked mode, Rocket League should hit 900p where it could only reach a maximum of 720p prior to the Tournaments update.

Rocket League also now has a Video Quality option on Nintendo Switch. You can choose either performance or quality, with the former giving you 60fps but a dynamic resolution and quality capping the framerate at 30. Quality doesn’t just turn up the resolution, though. Psyonix is also turning on lens flare, light shafts, and dynamic shadows.

Video capture will now also work on Switch.

Other changes to Rocket League across all platforms include a chat-ban system. This enables the studio to ban people from in-game chat for harassment or vulgar behavior.

Finally, Psyonix is also introducing a more detailed connection-quality setting, audio improvements, and a new Battle-Car.