Wipeout finally came to PSVR last week, and the results were pretty outstanding. Simply put, it’s one of if not the best PSVR games out there, offering exhilarating racing across three game’s worth of content. Amazingly, though, the VR support was pulled off by just five people.

Co-developer Sony XDev revealed as much during an Ask Me Anything session on the PSVR subreddit this week. One fan asked how big the team behind the project was and how long it took for VR to be implemented. The answer from the team’s Johnny Mack was pretty surprising.

“[It took] just two people at EPOS, Staffan and Daniel, both whizzes at what they do,” he revealed. “Xdev, just me and support from ace producers Mark and Claire (who is a demon at WO) I think we started in June last year, and we were essentially ready in November. However then we had lot’s of dreaded bugs and consultation feedback to implement warnings etc. We wrapped up late Feb before deciding to launch at a big VR event in London last week.

Now, obviously there was a larger team behind making the game itself but it’s still impressive to see such a small group achieve such a polished product in such a short amount of time.

Elsewhere, XDev confirmed that there were no plans for HOTAS support in the game right now. When asked if the team had considered more Wipeout games in VR they said this: “Well if the success and enthusiasm turns into great sales then the powers that be would have to consider it I guess.”

You heard them.

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