God of War is coming out for PlayStation 4 on April 20. This new entry in the action series re-imagines Kratos from a rage-fueled god-killer to a more level-headed (if stern and cold) father. But how did this character get here after the events of 2010’s God of War III?

Sony has released a new video today featuring God of War’s creative director, Corey Barlog, talking about this change in Kratos. You can watch it above.

In my review, I praised this new characterization for Kratos. This God of War takes a character that was more of a spectacle and agent of destruction and turns him into someone you can become emotionally invested in.

God of War is one of Sony’s biggest exclusives of the year. Critics have given the game significant praise ahead of its launch, with its average score on Metacritic sitting at 95. That’s based on 85 reviews.

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