UEFA (Union of European Football Association) announced today that Konami is ending its 10-year partnership with the organization.

Konami publishes the yearly Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. The UEFA license was one of the few in the soccer world that Konami’s series had over Electronic Arts’ FIFA games, which outsell Pro Evolution Soccer every year.

UEFA, which represents the national football associations of Europe, holds the UEFA Champions League, one of soccer’s most prestigious tournaments. The competition has been a part of the Pro Evolution Soccer series since 2008.

Konami has scaled down its console and PC game development after releasing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2015, but Pro Evolution Soccer has remained one of its few ongoing franchises. It’s unclear what the future of the series will be like without the UEFA license.

“The UEFA Champions League licence has given us a platform to create unique experiences and provide football fans from all over the world with an opportunity to enjoy this competition first-hand,” said Jonas Lygaard, senior director of brand and business development for Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., in the announcement. “This year, however, we will shift our focus into other areas. We will continue to explore alternative ways UEFA and Konami can continue to work together, as our relationship remains strong.”