Our recent GamesBeat Summit 2018 event featured an eclectic mix of lightning round talks, where our speakers were challenged to give a speech about something compelling in just five minutes.

It’s not easy to make a compelling point in a talk with a five-minute deadline, enforced by our moderator Colin Campbell, senior reporter for Polygon. But we heard interesting talks, such as the opening speech from Royce Disini, founder and president of Mobcrush. He spoke about how Mobcrush’s vision is to enable more people to make a living by livestreaming games — not only on mobile but across all social channels at the same time.

Mario Valle Reyes, cofounder and managing partner at Altered Ventures, spoke about his plan to fund VC projects for games in emerging markets. Jeonghee Jin, senior vice president of global business development at Pearl Abyss, spoke about creating communities for games around titles, such as Black Desert Online.

Above: Mario Valley Reyes of Altered Ventures wants to fund games in emerging markets.

Image Credit: Michael O'Donnell/VentureBeat

Mike Schwartz, vice president of sales at Scalefast, spoke about how to personalize your pitch for gamers. Rana Sarkar, consul general of Canada in San Francisco, spoke about how to make sure that your region retains and attracts talent to foster a sustainable game development community.

Ammar Zaeem, cofounder and CEO of Caramel Tech Studios, spoke about the journey that he and his two brothers have been on since their teens to establish a game development studio and social gaming platform in Pakistan. And Dave Miller, head of global publishing and general manager at Athlon Games, talked about making free-to-play games work on game consoles.

Disclosure: Sponsors include Altered Ventures, Pearl Abyss, Athlon Games, Canada, Scalefast, and Mobcrush. Our coverage remains objective.