Graybeard Games is a one-man developer that Diablo co-creator David Brevik founded, and it announced today that It Lurks Below has entered Steam Early Access.

It Lurks Below is a 2D action-survival game that takes inspiration from the likes of Terraria, Minecraft, and (yes) Diablo. Releasing the game in Early Access gives Brevik a way to make money from their projecting without committing to a full release, so he can still take feedback from players and make changes to It Lurks Below. It costs $20 on Steam.

Brevik anticipates that It Lurks Below will leave Early Access later in 2018, but he says the current state of the game has its full feature set. He also notes that the game will cost more once it leaves Early Access.

Brevik made his name as the main man behind Diablo, the 1996 landmark action role-playing game from Blizzard. Brevik left Blizzard in 2003 and worked on other action RPGs like Hellgate: London and the recently-shutter Marvel Heroes.

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