People love to build virtual PCs, and that has propelled PC Building Simulator to sales success on Steam. The Irregular Corporation, which developed the business-management game, revealed today that it has sold 100,000 copies of PC Building Simulator in its first month. That’s a major threshold for something that would appear to have niche appeal. It is available now on PC for $20, and it is in Steam’s Early Access portal for unfinished games.

In PC Building Simulator, your uncle leaves you his failing PC-repair shop. It is up to you to build up a list of clients who need a variety of fixes and upgrades to perform all kinds of tasks. While you will spend most of your time taking pieces out of machines, troubleshooting, and putting rigs back together, the core mechanics of PC Building Simulator come down making enough money for your shop to grow … or at least afford rent and utilities.

That may all seem like some quirky game that would get lost on Steam, but fixing PCs has a zen-like quality to it that the game captures well. PC Building Simulator also features officially licensed PC components from MSI, Corsair, Cooler Master, and more, and that authenticity goes a long way to making the building process feel rewarding.

“The overwhelming support we have had from the PC gaming and building community has been nothing short of phenomenal,” The Irregular Corporation producer Stuart Morton said. “And we are extremely grateful to all the players who have been so passionately providing feedback. This is the whole reason we wanted to launch into Early Access. There are plenty of new and exciting things to come for PC Building Simulator, and we can’t wait to share them with our ever-expanding community.”

PC Building Simulator is getting updates throughout this year. Irregular Corp. is also promising to get the 1.0 version out before the end of 2018.