Gumi Inc.’s The Alchemist Code has found a recipe for success. Since launching worldwide in November, people have downloaded the mobile strategy RPG five million times. It’s free-to-play with in-app purchases on iOS and Android devices.

The title is the global adaptation of the Japanese strategy RPG For Whom the Alchemist Exists, which was exclusively released in Japan. It features a fantasy world with turn-based combat that uses its 3D terrain, as well as the trappings of classic JRPGs like a job system and myriad characters who can join your party.

Gumi is celebrating its 5 million milestone with in-game events that will start on May 3 and run until May 30. Players will receive extra in-game currency to buy limited-edition items, and the developer is also adding in more login bonuses like Gear Summon Tickets, which enable players to get new equipment. Certain characters can also unlock new jobs during the in-game Chocolate Toy Box Event.

In addition to in-game giveaways, the developer is taking this opportunity to encourage players to play the main story again. On both normal and hard modes, the campaign will give players additional loot during the May event.