Rest in so many pieces, Scatter Arrow. Blizzard Entertainment is preparing to launch an update for Overwatch today that will permanently change how the Hanzo plays in the class-based team shooter. Everyone’s favorite archer no longer has his exploding, corner-defying Scatter Arrow. Instead, he now has the rapid fire Storm Arrows and a dashing ability.

Hanzo 2.0 went into testing April 20, and now Blizzard is going to release it later today, May 3. The patch could roll out any minute after this story goes live, according to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan.

“Patch will go live in a few hours,” Kaplan wrote on the Overwatch message boards.

He posted that note at 9:23 a.m. Pacific time, so new Hanzo should arrive around lunch time in that timezone. In the past, Blizzard has released its updates at around 11:15 a.m.-to-11:30 a.m.

The new Hanzo update is part of Blizzard’s ongoing support for Overwatch, which is one of the most successful live-service games ever. The studio has added new maps and characters to Overwatch to keep fans coming back, but it has also tweaked and modified existing content in response to player feedback.

Players have come to despise Scatter Arrow since Overwatch’s 2016 debut. A well-placed shot with this ability has the power to take out some of the beefiest tanks in one shot. Some people consider it cheap. And Blizzard has wanted to do something about Hanzo since at least November — although a major part of that is improving his standing among pro-level players.

“I think he’s one of the most fun characters to play,” Kaplan told GamesBeat in November. “I love the way the bow feels. I think obviously everything is very subjective when it comes to hero choice. There’s chocolate and vanilla. For me, if I’m playing a sniper, I’d much rather play Hanzo than Widowmaker. I just love how the bow feels. But Hanzo’s never been considered a powerful meta character. In fact, sometimes your team actually questions why you’re playing Hanzo. We need something different right now.”

And that something different has arrived. It will take time to see how the meta shakes out and if Hanzo finds himself among the top of any tier lists. But, for now, players should have fun experimenting with Blizzard’s changes.