HQ Trivia has been drawing more than a million players to its live trivia events, but tonight it discovered that could be a bad thing. The live mobile game experienced multiple glitches on Tuesday evening that forced the company to redo its live contests twice.

Normally, HQ Trivia does its contests once a day. But on Tuesday, the first game had problems. I arrived too late for that game and skipped it. Later on Tuesday, the game came back as a redo. Scott Rogowsky, the host of the zany trivia show, apologized the earlier glitch and started a new game.

That game had more than a million participants, but on the first easy question — about whether Red Delicious was a kind of apple — the game tossed out more than 700,000 of the million people. Rogowsky knew that was wrong because it was such an easy question. He kept the game going until it was clear there was a glitch that was messing up the live results.

On the third time, Rogowsky came back again. That time, the game appeared to function normally, and HQ Trivia fans were able to finally finish. I got knocked out after six questions.

While glitches are annoying, the problem was apparently related to demand, with so many simultaneous players chiming in to join at the same time. That’s a good problem to have.