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You’ve got more customer information at your fingertips than ever before — and artificial intelligence technology can offer an extraordinary edge by taking a huge data pool and turning it into real-world results. Early adopters know the score: 76 percent of those who jumped on the AI train early are seeing higher sales growth.

With machine learning, computer models search for and recognize vital patterns in customer behavior and demographics — every signal and every action, from current customer behavior, third-party purchasing data, demographics and more. And as you add data, the algorithm continues to learn and grow, to optimize the predictions that turn your company into an intelligent sales organization, from prospect identification to retention.

Mine for prospects

Machine learning lets you gather data and examine customer behavior patterns, especially from already-converted leads — and then turn that into actionable insight. What actions signal that a prospect is poised to tip over into a customer? What kind of activity should alert you to a potential prospect, and set your sales funnel machine in motion?

Training the algorithm allows you to score opportunities, and to identify the prospects most likely to be converted, but the algorithm can also surface patterns that you could not have predicted on your own. You’ll be able to predict the most effective solutions and sales angle, plan and time your sales efforts, and even know when and what and whether it makes sense to upsell or cross sell.

The end result is a major boost in efficiency and an increase in sales, as less time is spent on unlikely leads and more time spent converting highly scored deals.

Anticipate customer questions

Customers know what they want — and are already half-sold or turned off long before you approach them. But AI lets you enter that decision process far earlier, alerting you to high-value potential customers that have just begun to browse. When you have a sharp eye on your customers’ intend signals, you can jump in with proactive, useful information on everything from fees and features to contract terms.

If they’re interested, you can engage them. And once you’ve engaged them, it’s far easier to ease them further down the sales funnel.

Offload the admin

With accurate revenue forecasting, sales managers can analyze team performance, refine resource allocation, and gain essential insight into sales trends, which is key to improving sales performance.

Machine learning can help there as well, by generating sales coaching plans that are patterned on the performance of sales leaders, to optimize the potential for success. And productivity can be improved exponentially by taking the mundane and repetitive, but absolutely essential administrative tasks off your sales team’s desk and automating them — like CRM updates, prospect compiling, personalized check-ins, and more.

Closing the deal

With AI, accurate pricing and discounts that make sense are a cakewalk. It’s a process that can slow the closing down to a crawl, but with AI automation, custom pricing that impresses the customer and preserves your profit and commissions can be generated via past sales data. Discounts can be the final nudge to closing the deal, and machine-learned algorithms can calculate fair and lucrative deals for customer and company alike by looking at the processes, pacts, and profits of previous sales reps.

AI can’t actually make the sale, but it can make the sales process exponentially more successful. To learn more about how AI can help attract more and better leads, boost sales, and grow your organization, don’t miss this VB Live event.

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