I did it. I got to be the big man Thanos. The one with the glove. I know I said I would never do it, but I did. Now that I’ve gotten my hands on the Infinity Gauntlet one entire time, I want to share with you my expert advice about how you, too, can wear Thanos’s body as your play thing in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

To get the gauntlet, I think you have a couple of optional strategies. You can get down to the ground and try to get kitted out as quickly as possible, or you can deploy your glider to stay in the air until the gauntlet comes crashing down in a meteorite. I prefer the aerial method, but not matter how you approach this, you need to know a few basics.

The gauntlet is going to drop near the beginning of the match, and it will fall near the center of the circle.

If you want to drop and get guns, you’ll want to do so either close to the center or far enough to the edge that you can avoid most of the fighting until later. That’s important because Thanos and/or the gauntlet always show up on the map and compass, so you will have to deal with waves of players running in one direction. If you are in a crowded area, you are going to have to deal with a high chance of getting shot in the back.

If you glide down slowly instead, you should wait on the bus until it gets to the far side of the circle or somewhere close. Jump, and then pull your gliders as soon as you can. Take your time to get oriented in the air while slowly falling. Set a waypoint on the map near the center of the circle and head for that.

Once you reach your waypoint, start surveying the horizon, but also don’t be afraid to retract the glider to lose some altitude. Continue scanning the horizon, and once you hear or see the gauntlet, immediately retract the glider and start falling toward it as fast as you can. Keep in mind that even if people are below you, they may come up short of the Thanos weapon. If they do, you’ll have an advantage because you are much faster in the air than they are on the ground.

Once your glider auto-deploys, try to line up your approach. If you’re lucky, you’ll land at the gauntlet before anyone else. If you’re unlucky … well, try again.

And that’s my strategy. Ninja better watch out!

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