The Nintendo Switch isn’t getting Monster Hunter: World, but it is getting some creature-hunting action: Capcom will release Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate worldwide on the platform later this year on August 28.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate first launched on the Nintendo 3DS last March before getting a Switch release in August. So far, it’s only released in Japan, where it’s known as Monster Hunter XX. It’s the followup to the Nintendo 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations, which launched in 2015 for Japan then debuted worldwide in July 2016.

Like in other games in the series, players will hunt creatures in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. However, they will get to choose from six different Hunting Styles, which give hunters special abilities, as well as use super moves called Hunter Arts. Capcom first introduced this mechanic in the prequel, Monster Hunter Generations.

When Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate launched on the Switch in Japan, it yielded disappointing sales — a little over 84,000 in its first week. That was a tenth of what the title sold on the Nintendo 3DS, and it came as a surprise since the series has traditionally had a sizable fan base in the country. But Monster Hunter: World has recently raised the franchise’s profile in the West, becoming the series’ bestseller with over 7.5 million copies sold within the first two months. Perhaps Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate’s international debut will benefit from some of that success when it launches later this year.