Wireless radio technology has improved to the point that it is a viable option even for a gaming mouse, and Logitech is capitalizing on this breakthrough with the launch of another device that takes advantage of this. The company’s Logitech G gaming brand is rolling out the G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse for $60, which drops the cable and keeps the familiar characteristics that make Logitech’s products so beloved by so many PC gamers.

The 305 joins Logitech G’s other “Lightspeed” mice. The G903, G703, and G603 all feature the same adaptive-radio tech that can seamlessly bounce a signal across multiple frequencies to get the best possible connection to your PC from one millisecond to another. This is something that Razer has also built into its wireless Lancehead and a few other products.

I’ve used Logitech’s 903 and 703 before (as well as the Lancehead), and they represent the next-gen of wireless PC peripherals. I’ve never lost a signal or even noticed any interference with these devices. Wireless is finally at a point where you can use it for competitive shooters.

“For years, we have been committed to delivering wireless performance that was faster than our competitor’s wired offerings,” Logitech Gaming boss Ujesh Desai said. “Through our work, wireless has advanced to the point where esports pros are trusting our innovative technology and winning with our wireless mice. With the G305 we wanted to bring the same top-of-the-line technology to everyone.”

At $60, the G305 is close to the mass-market price for a gaming mouse. Devices like these are often $70, and Logitech G’s own G903 is more than $100 (because it supports Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging platform). And if you want solid, reliable performance in a mouse design that is familiar and comfortable for a variety of hand sizes, this could end up serving you well.