No one could’ve predicted this, but it sure seems like Battlefield V is going back to World War II. Electronic Arts confirmed the Battlefield V name last week, and now it is using quick snippets from the upcoming military shooter that features flags for the Allied and Axis forces from the WWII era.

The publisher announced plans for a full Battlefield V reveal May 23, but it hasn’t provided many details beyond this. In a tease for that event, the company posted a video that features a scoreboard from the game above a character shushing the camera. That scoreboard has the Union Jack on the left side and the German army’s Balkenkreuz emblem on the right. This almost guarantees that Battlefield V will involve World War II in some way.

Here’s the video from the official Battlefield account on Twitter:

Germany only wore the Balkenkreuz during one major conflict, and that was the second World War. It’s possible that developer DICE is going for alternative history or plain ol’ historical inaccuracy, but neither of those possibilities are likely.

Of course, this is also tracks with my earlier reports that Battlefield V is taking the franchise back to World War II. Expect EA and DICE to focus heavily on the single-player campaign during the May 23 event. According to sources familiar with the game, the narrative bounces around the various theaters of WWII similar to the campaign in 2016’s Battlefield 1.

We’ll have a lot more on Battlefield V later this week.

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