PlayStation 4 is getting another Elite-like controller from Scuf Gaming. The peripheral maker announced the new Vantage controller in both a wireless model for $200 and a wired version for $170. As with other Scuf gamepads, Vantage owners can customize and add onto their controller to make it specific to their needs and play styles. It is available for preorder now, and it will ship later this year.

The Scuf Vantage is officially licensed and includes a number of features that make it better suited to competitive, esports-style gameplay. It has “Sax” buttons that are mounted to the side of the controller and work like triggers on the DualShock 4 or Xbox One gamepad. Scuf positioned the Sax buttons so that your fingers fall naturally on top of these buttons. You can also replace the thumbsticks easily by removing the faceplate. The Vantage also includes a touchbar with audio controls for adjusting volume and more beneath its D-pad and right analog stick.

“Controllers are the single most important connection between an individual and the game,” Scuf chief executive Duncan Ironmonger said. “They should be an extension of the player to maximize their performance.”

As usual, Scuf worked with esports pros to design this controller. It said it spent the last 18 months working to get it just right. But it wants to sell to a much wider audience of hardcore PS4 owners and people who prefer the PS4 layout on PC. It is even aiming for audiences concerned with accessibility.

“With Vantage we created a controller that caters to every gamer and suits different hand sizes and gameplay styles,” said Ironmonger. “We also wanted to address the needs of gamers with disabilities, which led to the inspiration for the configurable Sax buttons, conveniently located close to the bumpers, triggers, and face buttons.”

The controller also has the paddles that are on the back of the Xbox One Elite Controller and other Scuf products, and they enable players to hit certain buttons without having to take a finger off of the thumbstick.

This new premium controller is coming along at the right time. These kinds of peripherals are selling better than ever thanks to the success of the battle royale shooter Fortnite on PlayStation 4. For the people who take that game seriously, a new Scuf controller designed with the input of esports pros might seem like a good deal even at $200.