Valve knows that deep shame you carry with you everywhere. It knows that you’ve maybe played 20 percent of the games in your Steam library for any significant amount of time, and it wants to help you deal with that pile of unplayed games as part of the Steam Spring Cleaning event.

This is an event that will award players badges for their accounts by completing certain challenges related to their Steam libraries. For example, you’ll get a badge if you play a game that you own but haven’t even opened it. Steam has a number of challenges related to this in the form of Daily Tasks and Projects. The Spring Cleaning event began today, May 24, and it will run through May 28.

One of the coolest things Valve is doing with this is giving you an easy way to discover interesting facts about your own library. If you click this link (and sign into Steam), you can see the first game you ever added to your Steam library. Click here to see a game that you’ve played for more than 2 hours but haven’t opened recently. If you select the Spin Cycle Daily Challenge, Valve will give you a random selection of games from your library that are eligible for a badge.

If you are a beacon of self-control and don’t own any games on Steam that you have not played to completion, then Valve has a selection of games that are free for the duration of the event. These include Left 4 Dead 2, Cities: Skylines, and Castle Crashers.

You can get started on your Spring Cleaning on Valve’s Steam website.