Many people are having troubles watching, broadcasting, or chatting on Twitch, and Amazon’s livestreaming video platform has said that it is working to fix the issue.

The problems began at around noon Pacific time, and they have continued intermittently ever since. While some people are able to get their streams started, others are encountering connectivity errors. If you try to tune into a stream, you may see nothing or you may get the video with no chat. Overall, Twitch is just acting wonky at the moment.

The company’s support account has confirmed that it doing what it can to identify and eliminate the source of the errors.

Even for people who get streams working and for viewers who get connected, the experience at the moment is substandard. After trying for 10 minutes, I was able to get in to watch a few broadcasts, and they were rife with buffering and other issues.

We’ll stay on top of this outage and keep you updated if it improves or worsens.