App Annie: 2,857 iOS apps make over $1 million a year

Image Credit: App Annie

Ten years after Apple launched the App Store, the exclusive iOS software shop is continuing to grow at a rapid clip, app analytics and market intelligence firm App Annie reports today. Larger numbers of apps are hitting the $1 million and over $10 million consumer spending thresholds, and “there’s plenty more to come,” the firm predicts.

Summarizing the first decade of App Store data, App Annie says there have been over 170 billion downloads, representing over $130 billion in consumer spending through December 2017. Nearly 10,000 apps have individually generated over $1 million in consumer spending since 2010, with 2,293 in the $1 million to $10 million range during 2017 alone, plus 564 making over $10 million apiece.

As of today, users in many countries keep around 100 apps installed on their iOS devices, actively using roughly 40 every month. Users in France, Indonesia, and South Korea have the highest numbers of apps installed — upwards of 112 — though the number of apps actually used is fairly steady, hitting the upper 30s even in countries with smaller average collections.