Good night, and good luck. That was the tagline of Dying Light, Techland’s open-world zombie game from 2015.

And now, Techland is back with Dying Light 2. This is one of the rare surprises of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big game trade show in Los Angeles. Chris Avellone, a seasoned role-playing game writer, showed the game off at Microsoft’s Xbox event ahead of E3.

In this game, Avellone said your choices will have consequences. They will affect the events that happen in the game, the environment, and other aspects of the game. You’ll be a parkour-scavenger once again in this game, where the zombies and other creatures come out at night and dangerous humans come out in the day.

This time, it’s in a whole new city. Avellone said your actions toward the humans will determine whether you will be safer in the streets during the day.

In the “modern dark ages,” you will face a brutal, bleak, and unforgiving reality where you are as likely to perish at the hand of a human as you are by the bite of the infected, Techland said.

“In this grim world, players must think on their feet, drawing from exceptional parkour skills and brute force to stay alive and out of the shadows,” the developer said.


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