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Bethesda opened its media presentation prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show with Rage 2 from developers id Software and Avalanche Studios. Like the original, this sequel is a shooter in a postapocalyptic world filled with marauders, pirates, and freaks. And Bethesda confirmed that it is launching for PC and consoles in the spring.

In a new trailer, Bethesda showed off how the gameplay combines intense shooting with car combat. The shooting sequences featured frantic, fast-paced gunplay that is reminiscent of id’s 2016 Doom release. To take out foes, you can shoot them, but you can also charge them with melee attacks or use a stunning ground-pound move. Your character also has specialized weapons like a glaive that wraps enemies up and sends them slowly into the air for you to finish off with a few rounds to the chest.

As for the vehicle sections, the action looked similar to what Avalanche did with its Mad Max. You can see the game in action below:

Rage 2 was one of the biggest games that leaked out prior to the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo thanks to Walmart Canada. Bethesda was quick to begin teasing the game, and then it confirmed it with a trailer May 14.

This is a sequel to the 2011 PC and console shooter Rage from id Software. That game also featured a postapocalyptic world with lots of gunplay and driving, but it was maligned by some critics for its reliance on a dull, brown color palette. For Rage 2, it looks like Avalanche is going to punch up that world with bursts of color.