Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is hitting PC and consoles on March 15. It takes place seven months after the original in the hot summer months of Washington, D.C. Like the original, it has you teaming up with friends and strangers online to take on missions.

Publisher Ubisoft is expanding the action of The Division 2 by focusing on a civil war between survivors and villainous bands of marauders. While the benevolent survivors plant rooftop gardens, gangs roam the streets looking to take over important spots. It’s up to you as the player to help civilians reclaim those points.

Ubisoft has also said that it has built The Division 2 with an “end-game first” philosophy. This means you will work to get your character to level 30, and that is when the real game starts. This will have you going for character specializations that will make your player significantly different from your friends’.

The Division 2 is also getting new downloadable add-on episodes every three months that will build onto the story and content. These will dive into various biomes of the D.C. map that include commercial areas, disrupted nature zones, the suburbs of Georgetown, and wide-open historic sites. Ubisoft wants to explore the diversity of these spaces, and it plans to do that through the story.