Ancient China is journeying to the West in the latest DLC for Ubisoft’s melee fighter For Honor. The developer showed off For Honor: Marching Fire along with a new castle siege mode on stage at its press event ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The For Honor starter edition will also be free on Ubisoft’s PC marketplace Uplay until June 18, and Marching Fire will be out on October 16.

Marching Fire brings four new warriors from ancient China along with the castle siege mode, which will pit two teams of four players against each other. Ubisoft Montréal creative director Roman Campos-Oriola called it the game’s biggest update yet.

Ubisoft has carefully fostered an enthusiastic community for its samurai-vs.-viking-vs.-knight fighter, and its efforts have paid off. After it debuted in February 2017, it spent some time near the top of the best-sellers chart. Part of its formula for success is Ubisoft’s live services strategy. For Honor is in its sixth season, and the developer continues to release new maps and new characters, as well as quality-of-life fixes, like improved inventory space.