Tripwire Interactive has four updates planned for its gleefully bloody co-op shooter Killing Floor 2, and one of them will be available tomorrow on June 12. The Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies has a steampunk aesthetic and nightmarish clowns, which you will of course gun down while aboard a hot air balloon.

Killing Floor game director Bill Munk also told the audience today at the PC Gaming Show that the studio is rolling out a new weapon upgrade system, which will change up players’ loadout in the late game. Killing Floor 2 now boasts over 70 different weapons.

The announcement comes one day before the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) opens its show floor.

Treacherous Skies will also introduce new weapons — the four-barreled Doomstick, the dual-wielded electrified Stylish Strikers, and the M99 sniper rifle. The character Mrs. Foster, who originally showed up in the DLC Summer Sideshow: Pier Of Pain, is also making another appearance.