Mavericks: Proving Grounds is the one game bold enough to ask the question: What if a battle royale had 1,000 players? Developer Automaton games revealed Mavericks earlier this year, but now it is promoting the massive shooter with a new trailer at The PC Gaming show leading into the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show.

Automaton also continued to invite players to its open beta. You can sign up at, and the studio is giving away free E3-themed content in game for anyone who signs up before June 17.

Check it out:

Following the reveal of the trailer, Automaton boss James Thompson explained some of the elements that makes Mavericks different.

“You will see foot prints, displaced foliage, and more that makes the map a lot more dynamic,” Thompson said. “It’s not just session-based gameplay. We’re taking a lot of cues from MMOs. It’s a full world and not just a map.”

GamesBeat managing editor Jason Wilson checked it out during the Game Developers Conference. While the match didn’t have 1,000, let alone 100, players, it did show how you could destroy structures. He shot a propane tank to blow up a shack.